Definition of Momming Greeting Card


Momming Definition Greeting Card

Full of ups and downs, stress and elation, motherhood runs the gamut of emotions and experiences, and all that just in one day! It is because of this that we fully believe in using the word Momming as a verb, because this is an active job.

The definition of Momming beautifully displayed on this greeting card was influenced by our own experiences, and we think you will most definitely recognize yourself in the wry, humorous and touching description. We think it's just about ready for inclusion into the dictionary, frankly.

Perfect to send to a friend, frame or pin up on your bulletin board, or send along to your own mother, this is a great reminder that our experiences are universal and we are all in this together. It’s what we do every day, and while we’re all striving to do the best we can, sometimes we need a small reminder about the big picture.

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