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Strong As A Mother - Our Story


For the woman who has brought life into the world; For the woman who nurtures it now. For the woman who makes a costume, a story, a project, a home, a family. For the woman who taps the reserves of strength she never knew she even had until she became a mother.

We are part of a sisterhood, in the mother 'hood, having the best blessed job in the world.

The Strong As A Mother brand (SAAM) started as a collaboration between Tamara Komuniecki of Delish General Store in Vancouver, British Columbia and Jenna Hobbs of Hobbs Photography in Stony Plain, Alberta. This is their story.

Strong as a Mother - How it BeganJenna Hobbs and daughter


When former national Canadian broadcast and print journalist Tamara Komuniecki opened Delish General Store on Granville Island in Vancouver, she spent time on social media, letting people know about her store and her story. One day Tamara came across an image on Instagram that made her heart sing. It was of a particularly radiant young woman wearing a t-shirt that had the words “strong as a mother” boldly emblazoned across the chest…and Tamara knew she had to have one, and she had to sell it in her store.

Tamara Komuniecki Strong As A Mother Tamara Komuniecki and son Finn

She tracked down the woman who had made the t-shirt, and was pleased that it was created by a real person and was not a brand or product invented by a huge company, following a focus group. Tamara found a kindred spirit and sister in motherhood, in its creator, Jenna Hobbs. As a personal trainer and mother of one, Jenna had created a workout group at her local park in Stony Plain, Alberta for mothers. Children of all ages were welcome as well. The group of moms got in a great workout, but perhaps more importantly, they were able to enjoy a unique, safe and sharing environment where they felt comfortable among other like-minded women.

“My intention was to provide something to strengthen the body, however, without even knowing it I created a community where women shared their struggles, challenges and successes, and one in which they were always met with encouragement from others. We talked about our lives: about birth, about breastfeeding, about our ordinary, which looked so much like each other’s.”

To bring the group even closer and to celebrate each woman’s incredible journey as a mother, Jenna made the first iteration of Strong as a Mother t-shirts. She explains:

“This message was the embodiment of our physical and mental strength as we worked through the weekly workouts, but also on something much bigger. It was all of us as mothers, fighting the daily battles while working all day and all night, longing for a hot cup of coffee, when a sick day is not an option, and the rewards of the job are love. We could all relate to this saying, STRONG AS A MOTHER. We were all in the bittersweet trenches of motherhood.”

The small workout group of women grew into a bigger community, and reached out beyond their town to their own individual circles of influence, often using social media to share.

By the time Tamara discovered the t-shirt and wrote to inquire about wholesale purchasing for Delish General Store, Jenna had already had two children and was pregnant with twins. Tamara offered to produce them in Vancouver and use her platform, media experience, social media interest and business acumen as a way of spreading the movement as far and wide as she could, to include mothers anywhere and everywhere. The growth of the company has been a result of her planning, dream and team. This new web site is a way to reach as many mamas around the world as possible.

Strong as a Mother - Our Values Jenna Hobbs and son

Strong as a Mother's values //

1. A mother’s unconditional love for her children, which is one of her great sources of strength

2. The celebration of every strong mother (and they come in all shapes, sizes, creeds, colors and walks of life), and the celebration of her story

3. The sharing – asking what is needed, and getting help with it

4. The openness – an “I’ve got your back” community and environment – no bashing allowed

5. The growth of the optimized mom – in mothering, growing and living life to the very best that she can.