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Strong As A Mother - Our Story


For the woman who has brought life into the world; For the woman who nurtures it now. For the woman who makes a costume, a story, a project, a home, a family. For the woman who taps the reserves of strength she never knew she even had until she became a mother.

We are part of a sisterhood, in the mother 'hood, having the best blessed job in the world.


When former national Canadian broadcast and print journalist Tamara Komuniecki opened Delish General Store on Granville Island in Vancouver, she spent time on social media, letting people know about her store and her story. One day Tamara came across an image on Instagram that made her heart sing. It was of a particularly radiant young woman wearing a t-shirt that had the words “strong as a mother” boldly emblazoned across the chest…and Tamara knew she had to have one, and she had to sell it in her store.

Tamara Komuniecki Strong As A Mother Tamara Komuniecki and son Finn

She tracked down the woman who had made the t-shirt, and was pleased that it was created by a real person and was not a brand or product invented by a huge company, following a focus group.

Tamara purchased the rights to produce them in Vancouver and use her platform, media experience, social media interest and business acumen as a way of spreading the movement as far and wide as she could, to include mothers anywhere and everywhere. The growth of the company has been a result of her planning, dream and team. This web site is a way to reach as many mamas around the world as possible.

Strong as a Mother's values //

1. A mother’s unconditional love for her children, which is one of her great sources of strength

2. The celebration of every strong mother (and they come in all shapes, sizes, creeds, colors and walks of life), and the celebration of her story

3. The sharing – asking what is needed, and getting help with it

4. The openness – an “I’ve got your back” community and environment – no bashing allowed

5. The growth of the optimized mom – in mothering, growing and living life to the very best that she can.