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The newest entry into our Strong as a Mother stationery oeuvre is our definition of Momming, which comes in a card, postcard and 11"x17" poster. This is near and dear to our hearts (like all things Strong as a Mother) as our own Momming experiences drove this definition, which includes the universal contradictions that being a mother brings… as well as the frustrations… and, most importantly, the joys. We think it’s perfect to send to a friend, frame or pin up on your bulletin board, or send along to your own mother. It’s a great Mother’s Day card too... Or any day card.

Because... Momming. It’s what we do every day, and while we’re all striving to do the best we can, sometimes we need a small reminder about the big picture.

Momming (momm-ing) v.

1. Tapping into the reserves of strength you never knew you had. 2. Juggling all the things. 3. Getting by on less sleep than you ever thought possible. 4. Making a costume, a story, a project, a home. 5. Wanting alone time, only to miss your kids as soon as you get your wish. 6. Educating yourself with parenting books, web sites and all the advice from friends and family, then throwing it out and going with your git. 7. Understanding (and forgiving) your own parents for mistakes they made. 8. Striving to be the parent you always needed. 9. Wondering if you should be parenting "better" like French moms or German moms or Finnish moms or... 10. Wishing you could actually bottle their baby smell and commit to memory the feel of their little hand in yours. 11. Embracing extreme multi-tasking. 12. Preparing to one day let them go, even through you want to always hold them close. 13. Rewarding (except when it's not, and that's okay). 14. Hardest job in the world... and the greatest job in the world.

Momming Definition - Postcard

Momming Definition - 11x17" Poster

Momming Definition - Greeting Card

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