Strong as a Mother Large Mug

Strong as a Mother Large Mug

Our newest offering in the SAAM Club product line is this amazing large mug (and let's point out, it's rare we use the word "amazing" to describe a mug)! For the early mornings when you need caffeine fortification, for the late nights when you need warm milk to help quiet your mind and wind down, for those in-between times when you may need to sneak some wine (totally kidding...maybe...), this big mama can handle it all!

It's 15 ounces of pure radness, in a ceramic mug. And hold on to your hearts, mom, because we also have a matching Strong as my Mother mug for the small sipper in your life!

PS This is a heavier product to ship, but we always refund overage paid on shipping - if we pay less than you are charged, we will refund the difference minus shipping supplies.

Care & Size Guide

Care Instructions //

Wash cold, like colors. Sweaters, wash inside-out. Hang to dry. No harsh detergents.

Sizing //

Strong as a Mother - Crewneck Sweatshirt

Strong as a Mother - Tshirt

Strong as a Mother - Tank Top