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I have never had the pleasure of meeting the woman who is our featured mama in today's Strong Mother Monday, I have only communicated with her through email. But I already feel that I know her well enough to describe her.

To me, Tigisti seems at once of-the-earth and yet divine. Beautiful inside and out. Lovely, and beloved. Regal, ethereal, STRONG, she is a woman who has found her true purpose in, and is energized and empowered by, mothering.

Tigisti Weldeab Strong as a Mother

Tigisti Weldeab

Mother of one (Bella Fiori)
Lives in: Oakland, CA


Tigisti Weldeab Strong as a Mother gold

What is your mothering story? When and how did you decide to start your family?

I actually refer to myself as the accidental mother and wife because I never imagined myself married or running around with a bunch of kids. I was raised by a single mother who was arrange married at age 14 so she never had a opportunity to get an education or explore the world. So her motherhood mission became that her daughters get the highest form of education and live life on their own terms. And that’s exactly what I focused on - I got a few degrees, traveled the world and aspired to climb the corporate career. Never once thought about getting married or having kids. 

But that all changed when I met the most amazing man nine years ago. And I found myself wanting to do it all - marriage, kids, house, everything. Today, I'm married to that man, we've a little girl who is basically our whole world and we lead a quiet but full life in Northern California.

What does your day-to-day routine look like?

As an entrepreneur, full-time mother and blogger, no one day is ever the same. The day always starts out with making breakfast for my three year old daughter and getting her ready for school (she goes to preschool for four hours a day). Then I get in a quick workout before starting my day, usually a 3-mile jog or a circuit workout I design myself. Some days I’m in back-to-back client sessions all day and some days I’m either designing coaching programs or hiding in my home office finishing a blog post. My work day typically concludes at 4pm when my daughter wakes up from her nap and I’m in full mommy mode for the remainder of the day.

What is it like to raise children where you live?

We live in San Francisco Bay Area, which is a both a huge blessing and a curse. A blessing because Oakland, CA is one of the most diverse and liberal cities in the United States. And a curse because it’s also one of the most expensive areas in the country. Thanks for Silicon Valley a short drive away, it’s a magnet for some of the most talented and creative minds of the world. With that comes high cost of living, making it nearly impossible for middle income families to purchase homes or get into great schools. Having said that, raising our daughter in a diverse and open minded community is our highest priority so we’ll be calling San Francisco Bay Area home for a very long time. 


Tgisti Weldeab Golden Gate

Are you currently working full time, part time, or do you work on a consultancy basis? What do you do to get your work done?

I work full time as the Lifestyle & Success Coach for busy millennial women seeking to navigate life and business with confidence and style, as well as the founder and blogger at I’m also the primary caretaker to our daughter, but I’m so very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing support system! My husband, who is an emergency room physician is an attentive partner and father. And my in-laws are God sent - they pick up my daughter from school twice a week while I’m in my coaching sessions.


What has been your worst mothering moment so far?

The lack of sleep! Everyone talks about motherhood being tiring but nobody tells you just how exhausting it really is! And to be quite honest, I’m not a big fan of the nightly bedtime routine with our daughter, except reading to her. After dinner, I like to unwind quietly with a glass of wine and a good book while my husband gives her a bath and gets her ready for bed. Then I take over when it’s story time. 


What is has been your strongest mothering moment?

I’ve done many great things in my life, including being the first to graduate from college in my family, traveling the world and starting a business I love. But my greatest accomplishment by far is becoming a mother to my daughter Bella Fiori three years ago. My daughter is the reason I’ve found my life purpose, reinvented my life and fallen in love with life again. From her I’m learning not only about being patient and living in the moment, but what it really means to love unconditionally too. Motherhood is my greatest achievement.
Tigsti Weldeab and Bella Fiori

In terms of my strongest mothering moment, it would have to be leaving a corporate career to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I had always been passionate about all things healthy and beautiful living, and I’d secretly always dreamed about creating a platform for empowering women from all walks of life. But it wasn’t until I became a mother that I found the courage to put those dreams into action. Perhaps because I deeply desire to raise a strong and confident daughter, who would go after her dreams. And what better way to model that for her than boldly stepping out in pursuit of my own dreams? So I launched Bella Diva Lifestyle in Fall 2013, motivated by my daughter Bella Fiori who was a newborn at the time.


What do you wish moms would stop doing (to each other)?

Let’s stop judging and putting each other down! Motherhood is hard and complicated as it is, the last thing a mama needs is other mamas judging her for what she’s doing and isn’t doing. We’re all just trying to survive this thing called motherhood so let’s drop the judgements and focus on what we’re all doing right. The next time my kid is throwing a tantrum in the mommy juice aisle, please refrain from giving me the side eye, thank you!


Tigisti Weldeab Strong as a Mother Golden Bella

What is your mothering wish for other mamas? What do you like to impart or share with other mamas?

My wish is that you realize your value as a child of the most high. Long before you became a mother and a provider, you had a life and dreams all of your own. So I hope you never stop nurturing yourself and your love projects. I hope you never stop taking care of yourself, or that you start now if you haven’t been. I hope you know that making your well being a priority is not selfish because when you're healthy, relaxed and sane, everyone around you benefits - including your kids, spouse, clients etc. And when you deliberately do something daily that makes you feel healthy & beautiful, you give everyone around you permission to do the same. This is both my hope and wish for you, mama. 


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Tigisti is the founder of, a lifestyle coach and blogger for busy millennial women seeking to navigate life and business with confidence and style. She guides her clients transition into life’s biggest milestones (marriage, motherhood, entrepreneurship, healthy living, etc) by gaining clarity around who they are, what they truly want and designing a roadmap for getting there. Tigisti is avid reader, lover of spicy food and collector of high heels. You can learn more about her and say hello via her blog, Bella Diva Lifestyle and her Instagram page.

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